Welcome to the Minecraft Survival Games wikiEdit

The Minecraft Survival Games are multiplayer Hunger Games style PvP servers created by Dennis Vareide. Based on the Hunger Games series of books, it has been a huge success within the Minecraft community. It involves slicing bodies and you play by the rules.

The GameEdit

Survival Games begins with the players spawning around a mass of chest. When the game begins most players run towards the chests in the middle hoping to get loot, while some run away from spawn as soon as possible to avoid combat. Besides the chests at spawn, there are chests scattered through out the map. Chests contain valuble loot, such as food, weapons, and crafting ingredients. To win the game you must be the last person alive, so it advised to check any chest that you find in order get more prepared.     

What do we have to offer?Edit

We offer strategy on every map, we also offer information on MCSG knowledge. Such as chests, teams and also the wide terminology used. Chest routes on every single maps will also be included in this wiki. Donor ranks and info on how to become a VIP on MCSG will also be included on this wiki.

The creator and head of this wiki is TerraiaskeletronSwag, formerly Creeperskills

Latest activityEdit

The Creator and head of this wiki is TerraiaSkeletronSwag, formerly Creeperskills

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