Solar Frost
Project Leader eshancowee
Map Size Small
Player Limit 24
Theme Enclosed, snow
Date Published 7/25/12

"Solar Frost" is a map created by eshancowee, along with other builders from a clan known as 'Team Nitride'.


The arena is a fully enclosed snow covered map. At the Cornucopia, there is several ice and tunnels that lead to several different areas.

Solar Frost v2 Edit

Solar Frost was updated, making it look much more aesthetically pleasing. The map now has a giant dragon in the center, and the cornucopia has been totally revamped.

Builders Edit

  • Lilsparks9597
  • Creepy_Crawler
  • Bubudu1
  • Echo_555
  • Leech
  • Limey
  • Theoreticallyy
  • Rosza
  • MaGezky
  • Sur_Dylan
  • Dyon123

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